In 1995, the Scelles Foundation built an International Observatory  on  Sexual  Exploitation, and has since produced a World Report on Sexual Exploitation and offered monthly updates and technical analyses on this issue. Most of the documents are downloaded from the foundation's websites. It also organizes awards for outstanding youth advocates, ensuring their voices are a part of this crucial discussion. 



We collect and analyze information on human trafficking and sexual exploitation worldwide. Our observatory, CRIDES, provides background information on trafficking such as manuals for practitioners, legal texts, and policy analysis, in addition to conducting academic research and creating analytical articles. It hosts more than 500 books, 200 documentaries, 10,000 documents, 3,000 studies and reports, which are all available on our main webpage. Most of this documentation is in English.

Press Review and Analysis

The Scelles Foundation offers monthly updates and analyses of world events on sexual exploitation, including women's and children's rights, which can be accessed on our website.

World Report

Since 2012, the World report on sexual exploitation, the flagship publication of the Foundation, has offered  an  annual  review  on  sexual  exploitation  and  the  fight  against  this phenomenon, through a country-based approach. It provides a summary of key issues and contexts across more than 60 countries. This report provides an analysis on the top ten trends, offering a useful perspective to major  and/or  emerging  issues. The 2013 English  version  was  downloaded  4471 times in six months.

External Communication

Every year, the Scelles Foundation is contacted by more than one hundred journalists. Our articles are published in newspapers, magazines, blogs.

Our historic articles and forums are published on our main website:

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