Strategies against Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

The Scelles Foundation and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) and Space International, hosted a conference on “Strategies to Address Prostitution and Sex Trafficking”, at the French Consulate in New York.

Keynote speakers :

  • Laurence Rossignol, French Minister of Families, Childhood and Women's Rights

  • Yves Charpenel, Deputy State Prosecutor, Supreme Court of France and President of the Scelles Foundation

  • Taïna Bien-Aimé, Executive Director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW)

  • Rachel Moran, Founder and Director of Space International.

Key Discussion Points :

  • French Prostitution Law 2016: Overview of its significance and impact

  • Challenges and Goals: Cultural trends and gender-based discrimination

  • Global Strategies: How to combat sex trafficking and the sex trade.

This has been a unique opportunity to combine the criminalized view and human rights view to better understand how the support of governmental bodies, NGOs, business, and civil society are needed to fight this global issue.


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