We need your support to expand our network and audience in providing reliable information on a worldwide basis to States, civil society and NGOs.



You will contribute to :

  • Better Understand the Phenomenon in the Field

    • Dissemination of facts coming from different countries.

    • In depth researches validated by multiple views on trafficking and prostitution.

    • Provide food for thought on a complex issue for decision makers.

    • Amplifying the knowledge-base by providing reusable and reliable tools to multiple interests.

  • Strengthening Partnerships Within the International Civil Society

    • Create the World Report with countries world-wide.

    • Encourage  the circulation of useful  reports  and  other  materials on  to other practitioners.

    • Information sent openly and globally, without constraint.

  • Global Communication and Concerted Action Against Sexual Exploitation

    • Facilitate communication by common vision and tools.

    • Target to multiply audience tenfold on our website.

    • Involvement of young advocates against sexual exploitation

    • Empower younger and next generation



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